Thursday, February 5, 2009

Election blues (saffrons??)

Just a small observation here - have you suddenly noticed how a lot of websites seem to be filled with ads for LK advani for PM (leads to Even Times of India and other sites.... guess the BJP has started its battle preparation... if only they could first quell the fires in their own house, AND get in new, young leaders, like the congress is doing.

As we come closer to the elections, this blog will continue to follow the issues and opinions, and post our own. A request though, to all those who are even slightly interested in our Nation's welfare - Register your names on the voter rolls, get ur voter ID card, and VOTE!!!!

But not blindly - read, analyze, meet the local leaders if possible, get their opinions and make an INFORMED DECISION - I will not offer any suggestions, except the one in the previous sentence (not the previous paragraph ;-)) Whoever you vote for, make sure that the democracy that our founders envisioned wins!!