Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Return of the Exiled Warrior part 2

Here is the report about the Arjun MBT from, regarding the facts from the 15th Standing committee on defence.

The complete report may be found from the Official Lok Sabha site at

The excerpts of the report from

The following are excerpts of the response of DRDO and the Ministry of Defence to the 14th and 15th Standing Committee on Defence regarding the development, progress and present status of the Arjun Main Battle Tank (Arjun MBT):

-- Technical issues in the Gunner’s Main Sight and Gun Control System have been resolved. Suitable modifications have been carried out in these sub-systems on the initial five tanks of MBT Arjun by DRDO, the agency involved for conception and development of the project;

-- DRDO has conducted successful evaluation and handed over five tanks to the Army on 20th Jun 2006;

-- Between February and March 2007, DRDO and the Indian Army conducted Joint Receipt Inspections (JRI) of up to 29-40 Arjun MBT's;

-- Price comparison between 60 ton Arjun MBT and 50 ton T-90S not viable due to inherent difference;

-- Firing accuracy of Arjun MBT far superior to T-90s or T-72s, can engage targets at 2500 meters;

-- Production model of Arjun MBT costs Rs 16.80 to 17.20 crore per system;

-- Power pack, Gunner’s Main Sight and Track are imported components, which work out to 58% of the cost per tank; I

-- Import content can be progressively reduced with increased production orders;

-- Indigenous Gunner’s Main Sight (IGMS) enables the crew of the tank to engage targets under static and dynamic conditions by day and night with enhanced hit probability;

-- Indigenous production of power pack through license production is feasible with enhanced production order for Arjun MBT considering the economy of scale;

-- Arjun MBTs been driven for over 60,000 kms and fired more than 8,000 rounds, no defects detected;

-- DRDO's involvement to cease after OFB produces 30 Tanks, DGQA to take over;

-- Heavy Vehicle Factory (HVF) to produce 50 tanks a year from 2009 onwards;

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