Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tears & Pain

As the dust settles on the "Fiercest encounter in 5 years", the nation pays tribute to the two officers who lost their lives but took 9 terrorists with them. The Army has suffered a great loss with the heroic deaths of Maj. Vinay and Maj. Raghu Raman. One was to be married end of this month, the other was about to become a father.

The loss of these two bright, highly qualified officers is a big blow to the army, especially since they are the officers on the field, leading the men. It comes close on the heels of the death of Col. Vasanth, who died in a similar encounter in August. They all died as they lived, leading from the front.

It will be hard for the men who fought with the two officers to come to terms with their deaths. They were bright, enthusiastic, honourable and Brave men who lived by the Army credo of putting the country and the men above all else. Maj. Raghu Raman, even as he was being evacuated, was still thinking of how to destroy the Terrorists, his last words being a plea to his commanding officer not to let any terrorist escape.

Their families, strong in their grief are justifiably proud of their sons, a trait common to all Army families. Veteran Sub Maj (Hony Capt) S Krishnamurty, Raghuram's father said that while he was proud to be the father of a martyr, despite having lost his son in the service of the nation he would still advise his grand child, who is yet to be born, to join the Army and serve the nation. “I am an ex-serviceman and very proud of my son, who laid down his life for the country. That is all I can say.”

May Maj. Raman and Vinay R.I.P, their families find the courage to face their loss. Above all, let not their sacrifice be in vain, forgotten by an ungrateful nation.

The sister & father of Maj. D.R. Raman pay their respects as his coffin is brought to the airport in New Delhi on Thursday.

Bodies of the militants killed

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