Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blood Red Victory (Part 2)

The CPI(M) must be justifiably proud, at least for now. As its massive state-sponsored pogrom in Nandigram ended, the bratchnies in Kolkata and Delhi would have heaved a temporary sigh of relief as the media that played such havoc in Gujarat was kept completely out of this situation. This organized media blackout seems to be something that Communists around the world have learnt well- and CPI(M) even better, considering the expertise of their tutors in Beijing.

Another lesson they've learnt is to direct the blame at their attackers, which Buddhadev Bhattacharya tried to do, blaming the Trinamool Congress and Naxalites. But it does little to explain why well-armed gangs of motorcycle-borne CPI cadres overran Nandigram, planting red flags and shooting, looting and raping villagers. Perhaps Brinda Karat will blame the Trinamool for that as well.

Its a sad state of affairs when the government of the country is too scared to speak the truth and take action against these hoodlums, even when the Governor has lambasted the government in no uncertain terms. The UPA government has proved itself to be nothing more than a yellow-bellied, lily livered bunch of old, lecherous men fighting for power with no care about the state of the nation. Their silence is a criminal quid-pro-quo of giving away Nandigram in exchange for the Nuclear deal.

Its this cycle of violence, appeasement and corruption that leads people to the Maoists. Even worse is the CPI's attempt to keep this issue out of the discussion in Parliament, terming it as a state matter. Well sirs, it ceased to be a state matter the moment the CRPF had to fight their way through your ranks of thugs, armed with AKs and SLR rifles.

If Gujarat was a situation that was caused by government apathy, Nandigram is a clear case of enthusiastic government violence, just like the 1984 riots which were sanctioned by Rajiv Gandhi himself. So if Modi fiddled while Gujarat burned (ironically, Nero did all he could to stop the fire), these Commie Droogs were organizing the massacres, modern day Hitlers. If only our Almost-honourable PM-ji would admit it, and call a genocide a genocide, and not simply a "Cause for Concern".

Shhhh... No Nandigram talk in House, say Left

New Delhi: The Left parties are hell-bent on having a detailed debate on the nuclear deal in Parliament, but when it comes to Nandigram, they seem to have other standards.

As the Winter Session of Parliament opened on Thursday with clear indications that the Opposition BJP will disrupt proceedings over the Nandigram issue, the Left have put their foot down, saying it is a state issue and they will not allow any Parliament debate on the same.

After a meeting of four Left parties, the leaders maintained on Thursday that Nandigram issue was a 'state law and order subject" which could not be discussed in Parliament as rules did not permit such matters to be raised.

"Parliament functions according to rules. Whatever the rules permit, can be discussed. Nandigram can be discussed in the West Bengal Assembly, but not in Parliament," CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta told a joint press conference with other Left leaders, including.... (read more)

Nandigram makes CPM face political isolation

New Delhi: The CPI(M) has been completely isolated on Nandigram and is finding it tough to counter the fall-out.

While the CPM General Secretary blamed the violence on the Trinamool-Naxal link, UPA allies have preferred to be subdued in their reaction.

Meanwhile, Left intellectuals are out in protest on the streets of the Capital, convinced that the atrocities in Nandigram are only comparable to Gujarat.

This view is held by historian Sumit Sarkar, who says, "What they have been doing merely amounts to a kind of repetition of Gujarat."

CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat has risen to the West Bengal government's defence by falling back on the man he has been critcising the most, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

"Prime Minister says the Maoists are the single biggest threat to national security today," he said.

Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee has had a successful bandh in West Bengal and for once, the fiery politician is on a strong wicket. "Where are the human rights? Where are the civil rights? Where is the civilized society?" she demanded....... (read more)
'They pulled her, raped her mercilessly'

New Delhi: Many refugees of Nandigram have confirmed that they had been brutally raped. Fear looms large in her eyes, the fear of CPI-M cadres. Forty-year-old Akreja Biwi doesn't want to go back home anymore.

Last Sunday, as the CPI-M recaptured Nandigram, nearly 100 of the party cadres allegedly looted her house, raped her and her daughters. All her daughters have gone missing.

Akreja says, “They pulled her and raped her mercilessly, I have lost my daughters.”

It's an unparalled tragedy that is now unfolding in hospital wards in Nandigram and Kolkata. Those who managed to flee their homes speak of the torture ...... (read more)

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