Monday, February 4, 2008

Arjun Video from DD

Found this video on google. Its a 13 minute Doordarshan piece about the Arjun tank, and has some truly delectable footage for people with an Arjun fetish.

Now, neither DD nor any of the other news channels really know what they're talking about when covering Defence technology. Even if they do, the coverage must cater to the layman, most of whom care about the Arjun as much as they do about little green men on Mars.

Still, these stories do provide a wealth of information, not so much in what they say, but what they show... and this 13 minute exclusive piece is full of never-before-seen footage and details of the Arjun tank, stuff that only the National Carrier will be allowed to show. Enjoy the show.


Some highlights (at least for me):

1. Footage from Ashwamedh/Rajasthan Trials.
2. Coordinated fire from 5 tanks. Also see the firing from 5 tanks.
3. Arjun navigating sand dunes at speed, neutral turn and turret traverse at speed.
4. Gunner: "Arjun is able to hit targets even at 25 kph in day or night".
5. Old footage of the scientists at work - all of them look so young and enthusiastic at the time (M. Natrajan, H.M. Singh, Kalam, etc).
6. Extensive shots of the manufacturing area.. especially loved the boulevard-like shot through the barrels - 50 pretty Arjuns all in a row.
7. Video of night firing
8. Inside shots of Crew area.
9. picture of the planetary gearbox

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