Thursday, May 22, 2008

A thousand flowers bloom in West Bengal

Indian Left parties led by CPI (M) have been taking people for granted. After destroying West Bengal and Kerala economies, the Left is sabotaging the state of India at the center. While rest of India watches the current Left supported government in disgust, the common people of West Bengal, the bastion of CPI (M) and Left are set to ditch them.

As a good omen, for the first time during in three decades of continuous rule the red communist CPI-M yesterday suffered a humiliating defeat in the hands of the rural Bengal. The rural areas which hold more of illiterate poor majority were the main vote base of the CPI (M). CPI (M) led government inflicted the worst of atrocities on these helpless people during Nandigram and Singur fertile land acquisition by brutal force for industrial purposes. People were killed and women were raped, perfectly qualifying for a genocide enquiry by the United Nations.

Since, the help from a impotent central government failed to come, the people decided to vote the CPI (M) out.

The areas which have brought a new hope for the oppressed state of West Bengal are Nandigram, the whole of East Midnapore, Singur, South 24-Parganas and North Dinajpur.


Anonymous said...

The "alternative" to current Left Front in West Bengal is the strange combination of ultra-left maoists (who want India to become Mao land) + mad Mamata (she only wants the gaddi by hook or crook) + communal parties who want West Bengal to become a part of Bangladesh. So please don't jump in joy about the recent election results. The people of West Bengal are caught between two devils - the Left Front and the ultra Front and both are equally bad for West Bengal. Shed a few tears for West Bengal as it descends into anarchy thanks to its criminal politicians, hypocritcal activists and silly, pompous, intellectuals.

Anonymous said...

So, you say Left is the best option? What difference it makes, CPI (M) or Mamta or Ultra mao's or Hindutvas?

Its time all these fight and die among themselves. It will be a pleasure to watch comies die!

When did people of W Bengal had it good?