Wednesday, June 4, 2008

After removing poverty, Congress guns for common man

After the Congress (I) removed Poverty (Garibi) in India, they are set out to mend the common people (Aam Admi). Since there are no poor people in India left and naturally Congress (I) has to look for some other lesser mortals to liberate. Prudent policies under the watchful eyes of The people loving Communist parties, Aam Admi has been gifted with high inflation, ricing prices and of course the latest, the hike in cooking gas, diesel, petrol etc.

We thank you Congress (I), poverty is not an issue now. US president say’s that Indian middle class is rising and Congress (I) has legitimised it by increasing prices and inflation. Are the people dying of hunger like the farmers have suicided? No! It shows that Congress (I) has liberated the Aam Admi too!

Of course the Left, especially the CPI-M, which is a party of intellectuals and stands for text book communism are partners to the great Congress (I) achievement. Together they have managed to keep a fascist Hindu party out.

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