Wednesday, April 2, 2008

After Dalai Lama, now its Uighurs

Chinese now accuses Muslim Turkic-speaking Uighurs of creating trouble in the lo lo land China. They just finished accusing the man of peace Dalai Lama of creating trouble.

The unrest occurred in China's Muslim-majority Xinjiang region last
month, after Chinese authorities warned that "terrorists" based there were
planning attacks on the Beijing Olympics and had tried to bomb a Beijing-bound

In the latest event, extremist forces tried to incite an uprising in a marketplace in Khotan city on March 23, according to a statement from the local government posted on its website this week.

Like Tibet, the Muslim-majority Xinjiang region too detests being called a part of China. It is understandable.

While China says just few people incited the violence, Uighurs say that it was actually hundreds of people took to the streets on two occasions.

The Chinese are very particular about the law, they say "Our police immediately intervened to prevent this and are dealing with it in accordance with the law." The problem is "Law and China?" Does anyone has a manual? Is it defined?

Look at the current list og grievences Uighurs have against Chinese other than illegally occupying their lan
1) "The Uighurs began protesting after the killing of Mutallip Hajim, who had died in police custody," Alim Seytoff, head of the US-based World Uighur Congress said.

2) "The women were also protesting the ban on head scarves." The two protests included up to a total of 1,000 demonstrators, he said, adding that as many as 600 protesters had been detained.

3) Hajim, a wealthy jade trader and philanthropist, was taken into custody in Khotan in January, according to the US government-backed Radio Free Asia . But his body was turned over to his family on March 3, with police instructing them to bury him immediately and inform no one of his death, it said.

Funnily Chinese claim that "the people involved adhered to the three evil forces" a Chinese expression that refers to separatism, religious extremism and terrorism.

Chinese still want to look innocent and law abiding while continuing the genocide, ethnic cleansing and land grabbing.

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