Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Daily pill of Defence - 2 April 2008

3,500km range Agni-III to be testfired this month
Rajat Pandit, ToI

India plans to test-fire its most ambitious strategic missile Agni-III, which can hit high-value targets deep inside China with a strike range of 3,500-km, towards April-end. (read more)
Arjun Tank to be put through summer trials

The next part of accelerated usage cum reliability trial (AUCRT) of Main Battle Tank Arjun above 40 degree is set to begin in April. The below 40 degree trials of Arjun Tank has been without any major issues. One issue that had cropped up was with the imported transmission, which, was rectified immediately. (read more)
Tibetans are planning suicide attacks: China
Saibal Dasgupta, ToI

The Chinese government on Tuesday claimed that Tibetan rebels were in the process of organizing "suicide squads" for strikes across China in the wake of the coming Olympic Games. This is the latest in a series of 'exposes' by Chinese authorities to establish the violent intentions of the "Tibet independence forces". (read more)
An April Fool's day message from China... Below is the Indian April Fool's message. Except of course, that in this case, its no joke (though it sure sounds like one).
India's 'curry bomb' against terror
Pamela Timms, Telegraph, UK

Indian army chiefs are set to deploy a 'curry bomb' to win the war on terror.

Weapons development experts have created an eye-watering spice bomb, packed with a potent mix of red chilli and pepper which will be used to smoke out militants during counter-insurgency operations. (read more)
More news about this (to prove that it isn't an April 1st prank) - The Hindu - Kashmir News
DRDO may have major say in defence purchases
Josy Joseph, DNA

A high-powered committee appointed by the government to overhaul the working of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has called for major administrative changes that would give DRDO a significant say in defence purchases. (read more)
A first look at the Rama Rao commission to overhaul DRDO.

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Pete said...

Hi Sniperz11

You have an excellent blog. I've finally gotten round to responding to your Brahmos comment on my blog - I've been away in New Zealand. My reply is:

"Its true Australia wouldn't be pleased if Indonesia possessed such a powerful (future) weapon as the Brahmos. I realize the Sovs (sorry the Russians - run by old KGB stalwarts) would not wish Brahmos technology exported to Australia knowing we would pass it on to the Yanks for examination.

However its good to have a diversity of weapons suppliers.

What Australia may probably hope to fill the hypersonic cruise missile niche is a mature development of the US X-51 with an expected speed of Mach 4.5!"

I'm putting you on my blogroll list.