Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Terror 1: India 0

I think I'm going against the tide by saying this, but the Terrorists won, and heres why:

Objectives of the Attack

  1. Kill people - Achieved
  2. Successfully attack high value targets - Achieved
  3. Ensure widespread media attention to attacks - Nailed it!!
  4. Bring a general feeling of insecurity - Achieved
  5. Attack foreign and high value hostages to bring international reactions and reduce tourism - Achieved - India is now top 20 dangerous places.
  6. Affect Business by killing business leaders and hitting business targets - Achieved - expected 50,000 Crore loss to industry.
Our Objectives:

- The terrorists knew they would most likely die. So killing them wasn't a victory for us.
- They didn't take hostages, except at Nariman, and even there, they were all killed, so we failed again.
- Short surgical Operation - Failed - a 3 day siege was certainly not a success, even if it succeeded in the end.

The only way we can salvage a victory or a draw out of this is if we learn from it, and react hard and fast. Destroy the Terrorists and their infrastructure, because the terrorists still had a final objective:

- Strengthen the cause of Jihad and live to fight another day.

This is a long term aim (not too long term though - it has a shelf life of a few months, so we need to act fast) and the most important one at that, and we can make sure that by destroying them, they fail in the long run.

Indian Govt - your move!!


Chacko Joseph said...

The biggest failure of terrorists is by not being able to strike the political leadership. Indian public places and common man are easy pray. Anyone can take out a gun and shoot people around. There is no need for such huge planning and expenditure. You can get a bomb planted in for Rs. 1000/-

It has achieved nothing.Even a petty politician can shut down Mumbai for 2-3 days.

What fear, its will be business as usual in a weeks time. People were cheering the Indian forces right in between the operation. Who is afraid?

chacko Joseph said...

If it were not election time and TV reportage, it would have been politics as usual.

sniperz11 said...

In a way, you're right Chackoji. But the fact is that this terror attack was less about making Indians afraid than it was about strategically shifting the centre of action eastwards, and in making India more unsafe and unattractive for foreigners, by increasing the visibility.

They have succeeded handsomely in the visibility part. The effect on FDI and business has been an immediate hiccup, but it remains to be seen how much the Indian economy is affected in the long run.

I will try and write my personal opinions on why this attack may have been done, especially for strategic reasons.