Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let them die

Amir Kasav, the captured baddie is stuck in some unknown hellhole, where he is, if news reports are to be believed, alternating between lunatic taunting and suicidal sobs. Yesterday's TimesNow had the ticker that Kasav had reportedly pleaded that he be killed or else, "LeT will kill my family".

Well, guess what a**hole... thats just too bad!!! We don't care. And neither should we. Where was this concern when this worm-hearted pig looked through the sights of his rifle, and calmly shot down innocent civilians. Did he ask them if they had families? Did he think even a bit about families when he pumped in 3 bullets into Karkare's chest? Did he even believe that the people he filled with lead were little more that the pathetic little sh*ts that he had been brainwashed into believing?

Well, too bad for your family Kasav, but if you really were worried about their safety and wellbeing, maybe you shouldn't have left home in the first place. And maybe, just maybe, you should have thought of that when your mind was filled with thoughts only of killing.

((P.S. - Is that why we're getting to know so much about his family?? Make the job easier for the LeT?? I guess so))

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