Monday, January 5, 2009

Time to Strike?

Now that Pakistan has got the evidence they have been clamouring for, it will be interesting to see how long they take to "analyze" it and take action. One doubts that they will. As it is, they have got a shot in the arm, thanks to the US saying that the perpetrators can be tried in Pakistan itself, and China still sticking with the disingenuous "Deccan Mujahedeen" farce.

Perhaps its time to act. As Nitin Pai pointed out eloquently on the Acorn, the proof gives us a justification to take an action, but is not an action by itself. Neither will any other country act when we don't. So, based on what Pakistan does next, it is time to tell the rest of the patronizing, peace-mongering world to p*** off, and take action on our own... here's why.

1) Pakistan will not take any action, even with the evidence (which it used as a time-wasting tactic)
2) Neither US nor China will help, and in fact, would want to stop a strike, and will support Pakistan
3) UNSC is a no-no, for an obvious multitude of reasons.
4) The Pakistani war-mongering has run its course, and will not hold now.
5) The camps, which were emptied and leaders who were hidden will now slowly end their hibernation and come out once the snows melt.
6) Ironically enough, it is once the snows melt (quite literally) that we have the best conditions to fight.

What we should do now is simple - prepare our infrastructure, intelligence and military assets for short, intense (and mostly covert) strikes on Pakistani terrorists, and ISI "rogues". Best time would be in early February - not too near to elections, neither too close to the end of winter.


Pranab said...

do u know wat has happened to pete's blogs at
I am not able to access his blogs n i am redirected to another blog called 'press spying'.
Has anybody hacked his blogs.

sniperz11 said...

HI Pranab,

Pete's blog has moved to

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sniperz11 said...

I have also put up Pete's blog's updated link on the links list to the right....

Pranab said...

Thanks a lot buddy..

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