Monday, March 10, 2008

Singapore Air Show 2 - Global Hawk

More pics from the Singapore Air Show. You can check out more pictures.

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This set are pictures of the Global Hawk . It may not look like much, but its a very imposing aircraft in real life, made more so by the fact that it doesnt have a pilot at the helm.

What an imposing and menacing presence it has - unfeeling, unyielding. Like something straight out of the Terminator. I wonder what the Talibs and Al-Queda guys think about that.

Thats what I'm talking about - eerie!
Nice Contrast against the gathering storm clouds.
The Block 20 Global Hawk, which is a upgrade over the present Block 10 variant is longer, larger, has a longer wingspan, and has a larger payload capacity.The information board for the Global Hawk. Observe the Electro optical image of the Space Shuttle Discovery on Piggy back of the Boeing 747 at Edwards AFB, California. The image on the left is a SAR image of an SA-3 battery south of Baghdad, taken during a sandstorm. The gimballed SAR antenna can scan from side to side to obtain 3 ft resolution images.

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