Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sit, kneel, fetch, Roll over, Play dead....

Good Doggie!!! Does what its told. In fact, it will follow the master without question, tongue out, tail wagging, with a sprightly gait in its stride. Good Doggie!!! Thats usually what the master says. Not that the dog asks for it. Its happy with the scraps it gets. And if master pets it, oh, look at it go mad with joy.

And thats exactly how our governments have reacted with China... Jug Suraiya recently called it chicken-like. Its not chicken like. We're not chickens, but neutered dogs. Or even better, worms. The Munich pact has nothing on our relation with China - this is not appeasement; its chelagiri.

So when Chinese troops regularly enter our territory, we play blind. MMSji sends a welcome to India sms, and gen. Deepak Kapoor explains their actions for them and tells us why its ok that they can come in with family and friends and give us a nice hello... and even better, stay over. Nothing like a good sleepover, don't you think. Its Indian hospitality at its best - you don't even have to give us reasons, we'll give them for you. Swagatam Shubha Swagatam! Of course, keeping with our other indian virtue of selflessness, we dont expect anything from the Chinese in return, not even peace.

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